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Testimonials: Testimonials

I've been training with Gretchen for over 4 months. Since working with her, I have not only gained muscle mass, but I have gained self-confidence. Gretchen goes beyond being a personal trainer. She believes in me and works hard to achieve my goals. She pushes me when I need a push and when I say, "I can't", she finds another way and says, "you've got this!" Now that I have relocated for a few months, we are continuing training with virtual assistance and sessions catered to me and the gym facilities available to me.

Kristy Medford

Gretchen is very energetic, enthusiastic, and a great motivator! She does the exercises with you and makes sure you have good form and helps you get in form if you are struggling. We worked out at the Sister Bay Athletic Club, and it's an amazing facility!


I met with Gretchen where she completed an InBody assessment. She put together a thorough workout plan for me that included videos since I work with her remotely. She also keeps me motivated with check-ins. I highly recommend Gretchen!


In 2021 I found myself stuck emotionally and physically. Between turning 70 and all the COVID restrictions, I lost all my motivation. But spending the summer in Door County Wisconsin changed things for me. I was determined to fight my way back to my pre-retirement level of fitness. So I connected with a Gretchen Johnson, a personal fitness trainer at the Sister Bay athletic club and began a fitness program of strength and cardio training. Gretchen created a program for me that was adjusted to fit my age and lack of muscle strength.  She also introduced recovery exercises into the training program to address a knee sprain as well as discussions on nutrition to support these activities. She tracked my progress using an In Body analysis, available at the Club. I gained strength and energy over the summer and benefitted greatly from Gretchen’s positive personality and fitness/rehabilitation expertise. She also introduced me to a BFR (blood flow restriction) training technique which I will continue at home and is showing great promise for me in continued strength improvement.

Roberta Starbuck

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